A new organizational form

The Sphere challenges the traditional frameworks of cultural production. Our goal is to redistribute the risks and opportunities of making art by facilitating the involvement of audiences and other potential stakeholders at different stages of the curation and creative process. The Sphere is about new ways of being creative together, making the success of one performance a catalyst for the whole art community.

Join the crypto circus

With our Metagallery and carefully crafted web 3.0 karmic engine, past performances can be reversioned into new works. Inspired by the trust-making, risk-taking and boundary-pushing practice of circus, The Sphere offers an experimental space for the weirding of artistic and financial flows – a space of creative exchanges where value is felt differently. Are you ready to undo business as usual and bring some skin in the game ?

Digital Soul Searching
is best done together


Enrichment process

In November 2021, we issued a call to circus artists to participate in a web 3.0 collective experiment. Out of the applications, 6 were selected for the Sphere Metagallery. We are now entering the next phase of the cycle, the Enrichment Process: a series of curated workshops with experts in the field of blockchain, cryptoeconomics, media art and NFT-making to prepare the artworks for their future collective value journey.


We are interested in reviving past works, but we are even more interested in how these works will evolve and generate their own derivative lineages over time. This is why the selected artists are invited to anarchive their already existing performances, that is: to transform them into an open-ended score for future iterations by other artists. Think of a time capsule addressed to future performers, enclosing different  proposals and enabling constraints to be interpreted in unexpected ways.

Why blockchain and NFTs?

The reason is simple: with these web 3.0 tools, it becomes possible to imagine new ways of funding the performing arts ecosystem and seeding a new collaborative infrastructure for the circus community. For instance, each work that will be exhibited in the Sphere Metagallery can easily become an object of investment because of the NFT attached to it. We envisage a world in which audiences co-own the artworks they love together with the artists, technicians, cultural professionals and other stakeholders of a given project. This model of collective fractal ownership will allow for new types of production to grow in the near future.