Meet the first generation of seed and derivative artists. The Sphere is proud to present MATERIA from seed artist Andrea Salustri and C8H11N02 from seed artist Room 100. chosen by the Sphere’s 300-person collective in 2022 to be the beginning artworks in lineages then forming through Marija Baranauskaite and Utka Gavuzzo re-making Materia, as well as Cecilia Manfrini re-making C8H11N02. These lineages of art together form an ecology of funding, co-owned by artists, audiences, technicians and circus producers through Art Shares, available on the Karmetplace.

Derivative artists
Black and white portrait of Marija BaranauskaitėMarija Baranauskaitė

Marija Baranauskaitė is the first Lithuanian who has completed clown theatre studies at the international clown school of Philippe Gaulier in France. Before that, she completed her studies in contemporary dance at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.
Since 2013, Marija has worked as a professional performer and artist and hosts creative workshops. She is an actor and art director (2018-2020) at the organisation Red Noses Clowndoctors.
Since there are no festivals for objects, Marija has had to find ways to involve her work in human festivals, which she successfully has, performing in multiple circus, dance, and performance art festivals across Europe.

Cecilia Manfrini dancing in an empty room.Cecilia Manfrini

After dedicating her life to gymnastics, Cecilia Manfrini developed a passion for circus art, graduating from the Academy of Circus and Performance Art (ACAPA) in 2011, specializing in Flying Rope and Acrodance. As a founder and co-founder of various circus companies, including Cie. Kimera, Les Mantis, and I Miracolucci, Cecilia has worked globally in diverse venues.

Her journey led her to study dance in Brussels and the martial art Kalarippayattu in Kerala, India, in 2013.
Despite facing challenges as a circus artist, including becoming a mother in 2015 and experiencing three accidents between 2016 and 2022, Cecilia remains dedicated to circus and performance art as a means of digesting and expressing life’s experiences. She eagerly embraces the challenge of creating a new iteration of C8H11NO2, named “Es,” with Cie. Kimera, set to debut in Autumn 2025.


Black and white portrait of Utka Nehuen GavuzzoUtka Nehuen Gavuzzo

Utka Nehuen Gavuzzo, born in Argentina, immersed himself in the circus world at 16, dedicating his life to the study of movement and performing arts. His versatile training includes dance, acrobatics, theater, circus, music, and martial arts, with a specialization in juggling and movement.

After naturalizing in Italy in 2019, he studied physical theater at the Atelier Philip Radice. Rejecting confinement to a single discipline, Utka merges his diverse skills to create a unique artistic language. He has toured 26+ countries with projects like The Drifting Circus and Free style Circus. He is currently collaborating with The Electric brothers, Cie Lumen (Switzerland), and the Acrocinus Collective. Utka is creating his derivative performance “Materia 3.0 Aerogami” with Edoardo Sartori (engineer) and Max Quiñones Santander (musician and digital researcher).


Seed artists
Andrea Salustri

Born in Rome but trained in Berlin, following studies of dynamic manipulation and the manipulation of fire which he practised as a street artist, and after earning a degree in philosophy from the Università La Sapienza in Rome, Andrea Salustri moved to Germany.

Andrea then studied contemporary dance at Tanzfabrik and dance and choreography at the HZT Berlin. A transdisciplinary training that he brings into circulation in Materia, where he shapes a world of objects to manipulate, transform, to follow with the body and reveal their secret vitality.



Antonia Kuzmanić

Antonia Kuzmanić established the company ROOM 100 with Jakov Labrović in 2010. Room 100 researched the topic of schizophrenia since 2008, to deepen our understanding of neurodiversity and to raise the awareness and sensibility of the public about its different dimensions and complexities. Through performance C8H11NO2, Room 100 shares their research and method for creating an engaging piece about schizophrenia that will broaden the audience’s consciousness about neurodiversity.

With their performance C8H11NO2 they were 2009-2010 laureates of Jeunes Talents Cirque (later renamed circusnext). They went on to perform the piece in the USA, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Lithuania and Croatia. Today, ROOM 100 devises projects to strengthen the contemporary circus scene in Croatia, and runs the residency space HALA 100.