Choreography of values

The Sphere aims to revolutionise the funding and collection of live art by enabling artists to make digital representations of their live art and collectors to own what we call Art Shares in performances.
May you be an artist or collector below you find how to engage.

Artists journey

  1. Express interest
    If you are interested in showcasing and selling your art via The Sphere platform please contact us on We solely work with digital representations of live art.
  2. Mint your Unique Art
    Once accepted you can mint your artwork on the Karmetplace. Each NFT is a limited series of Art Shares, representations of your live art.
  3. Value and utility
    As the creator you make the art, set the original value and create the utility you want. Examples of utility can be tickets to your next performance or voting rights on tour stops, it is up to you.
  4. Art Pavilion
    Your artwork will then also be presented in the Art Pavilion.
  5. Economic model
    As your Art Shares change hands of collectors they continue to generate income for you as the originator.
  6. Funding for Artists
    This also generates revenue for The Sphere Common Pool, which in turn fund new artworks through Karmic funding cycles.
  7. Apply for funding
    As an artist you can apply for funding during our Open Calls for Karmic Funding. Our community members vote and award grants to artists for creating either seeds, giving the opportunity to artists to revive their art, or derivatives, new live and digital artworks inspired by seed performances.
  8. Winning grantees 
    The winners will receive their grants and can either go ahead and revive your artwork, becoming a seed in a lineage of art, or derive your version of another artist’s seed, becoming the next generation in a lineage of art derivatives.
  9. Mint your Unique Art
    Once you have created your live art you can create a digital representation of it and mint it on the Karmetplace. For this steps 2-6 apply.
  10. Economic model
    When a derivative artworks flourish financially, the rewards are shared leading to revenue for both the derivative artist and the original seed artist. This model ensures that multiple artists can benefit from the success of each derivative piece.

Collectors journey

  1. Invest in Unique Shares of Art
    Each NFT is a limited series of Art Shares, allowing for collectors to own the live art you love. Each with its own value and utility. You can experience and buy Art Shares in the Art Pavilion or in the Karmetplace. Simply connect your wallet and find your treasure.
  2. Enabling Artists
    As a collector you directly fund artists with each purchase and sale that you make. Revenue is shared between owner, artist and the Sphere Common Pool which in turn fund artists and new artworks through Karmic funding cycles.
  3. Share in Success
    Our model ensures that both original and derivative artists benefit, creating a thriving community of creators and collectors.

Welcome to the Karmetplace. Our new marketplace for live art.