You can’t be
alone in a
liquidity pool

Open office session with Curve Labs & Friends

Cryptoeconomic Design Lab #1

As a collaborative and emergent web3-based infrastructure, The Sphere is a call to challenge and experiment with the traditional frameworks of cultural production. In the spirit of the open source movement, The Sphere wants to enable every agent in the performing art ecosystem – artists, cultural professionals, audience, cultural organisations as well as a wide range of sympathisers and other potential stakeholders, to participate directly in the shaping of new organizational, aesthetic and economic forms.

This open office session will be an occasion to present the current development of the Sphere’s cyber-infrastructure, as well as opening up a space for collective imagineering around the potential for web3-based derivative art communities. In sympoetic partnership with Curve Labs, The Sphere is catalysing a “quadratic” alliance with 4 key partners – Gnosis, Furtherfield/CultureStake, Black Swan and Spectre – in order to model and implement a radically innovative commons 3.0 for circus and the performing arts.

Web3 organizations built on open, trustless and permissionless networks will empower a new generation of derivative art collectives with capabilities of distributing and coordinating fractal ownership of artworks and artistic processes among a wide range of stakeholders at unprecedented scaling capacity and low overhead cost. We hope that these new organizational capacities will generate new funding strategies and modes of participation in commons-oriented ventures, addressing systemic precarity and allowing for new forms of prospective accounting that better address the qualitative and fluid nature of collaborations in the arts.

About Curve Labs

Curve Labs is architecting cybernetic solutions for the distributed economy. We build digital souls which disintermediate rent seekers and provide infrastructures for efficient and equitable markets. We engage in the playful, combinational use of different modules to architect institutions that couldn’t exist before: digital cooperatives & artist collectives, distributed energy communities, or market primitives which automate liquidity and provide real time price discovery. Our team has deep experience in distributed and open-source technologies, and together, we believe we can address pressing problems of the anthropocene today.