Since you’re here you’ve most probably received a physical token of appreciation from someone in The Sphere community. Did we see you in Kaunas just now? 

On the backside of your token/postcard/image, just above the place you found this address, we’ve hidden a secret word under a piece of tape you can almost see through. Keep it secret!

The physical token you’ve got means that you are one of the few people who will be airdropped our on-chain soulbound GeNFT. (That means that The Sphere will send you a very special something into your cryptowallet.)

The only thing you have to do is to send your secret word together with your cryptowallet address to Please write “Aug 2022” in the subject line.

Do this no later than Aug 15th! Or you’ll miss out on the airdrop.


No worries at all. Read and watch the instructions below. <3

I would love to get a digital artwork and proof-of-participation token from The Sphere. How? 

Watch the video below or just head over to  , hit download, pick a password, create a new wallet, write down the seed phrase on the screen, open your wallet and copy the address.

Then email your address + the secret word from your physical token to and write “Aug 2022” in the subject line.