Karmic Funding

The Sphere goes live! Enter our 3D Metagallery and discover the 6 seed performances to be revived & derived; engage in the Megavote, our quadratic voting ritual; make a donation and receive a carefully crafted evolutive NFT that represent your share in this unique experiment in financing live art.

The Karmic Funding Campaign comprises six artworks made from circus performances that have been pulled apart, turned around and reassembled as digital scores to invite new interpretations.

Once one of these seed performances has reached its pre-fixed threshold of funding, it will automatically set a bounty for artists to propose new creative iterations.

You are invited to invest in the seed performances you want to see grow and interpreted in new ways. In return, you receive $KARMIC tokens: carefully crafted evolutive NFTs that are artworks in their own rights. Hold unto them – you are now collecting live art. 

Another way to engage in the evolution of the seed performances is through the Megavote: a quadratic voting process where the Sphere community is invited to select which artwork will be granted “The Sphere Goodie Bag of Eternal Joy”.

  1. Seed Performances are open to the public
  2. Receive $SEED token (1 ETH = 1000 SEED) These tokens represent your share in a seed performance NFT
  3. Convert $SEED tokens into $KARMIC governance tokens
    on the Karmic Engine dApp
    Your evolutive NFT will now mutate in your digital wallet
  4. Vote on which art proposals should receive funding
  5. The Karmic Engine Portal closes by summoning the speculative forces of the outside through a NFT fractionalization event
    As $KARMIC early stakeholders, you are automatically granted a fair & generous share
  1. Open call for artists to engage with The Sphere Community voting on which artists and projects will be a part of the next karmic funding cycle
  2. Workshops and discussions on how to transport live art-works into the web3 world
    Preparing the works to be revived & derived by future artists
  3. The Sphere Megavote opens 
    Karmic funding campaign opens
    The works are displayed in The Sphere Metagallery as evolutive NFTs
  4. A seed performance gets special funding and residencies from The Sphere
  5. Exchange your $SEED tokens for $KARMIC using The Karmic Engine
    The $KARMIC tokens mutate in your wallet!
    Projects that have reached the funding threshold for future re-versioning are announced.
  6. Open Call for incoming
    artists to generate proposals for new versions of the Seed
    Opportunity for venues and festivals to reinforce proposals they believe in by offering residencies and other resources.
    Anarchivists (formerly known as “the audience”) freely contribute to the proposals
  7. All $KARMIC holders can vote.
    Everyone who participated in The Sphere Megavote owning a wallet can vote.
    The winning proposals are announced and receive funding
  8. Playtime! The afterlife of live performances begins. When premieres take place, digital interpretations of the works are also created. Full circle!