Love Letter

ROOM 100 C8H11NO2

Dear fellow creators,

I am writing this letter to introduce you to ROOM 100’s performance “C8H11NO2”. Within “The Sphere” project, you have an opportunity to meet this performance and its creators in a new way, and, hopefully, get inspired to create a future new life out of it.

C8H11NO2” has been created by my colleague Jakov Labrović and me back in 2010-2011. It was one of “Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe” laureate performances and it had a nice touring life in Europe and USA until 2015.

C8H11NO2” is a starkly physical vision of the world of schizophrenia: intense, disturbing, yet intimate and hypnotic – a deeply personal piece inspired by Jakov’s brother and his 35 years-long battle with the disease. It is a dark ambient mixture of contortion, dislocation, butoh, break dance, and experimental electronic music produced by analog oscillators, plunging the viewer into a schizophrenic world of heightened and creative consciousness, keeping away from depicting the disorder as a scandal, or as pathetic state.

We have been researching the topic of schizophrenia since 2008, aiming to deepen our understanding of neurodiversity, but also to raise the awareness and sensibility of the public about its different dimensions and complexities. Too often, allegedly liberal and enlightened individuals harbor unavowed aversion and dread toward mental disorders…

Now, we are happy to share our research and our method with those who are interested in creating an engaging piece about schizophrenia that will broaden the audience’s consciousness about neurodiversity. We would like to see deliberate creation(s) that are keeping it simple in terms of production, emphasizing the atmosphere and the message.

Can you create a contemporary circus performance that can change people’s minds about schizophrenia? The derivative performance can explore any given circus discipline. Collaborations with other art forms are not mandatory but they are welcomed. What we would like to keep are the simplicity of it and the dark ambient performance. Take it and make it yours, we are looking forward to your creation!

Antonia and Jakov
ROOM 100