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Seed Performances

Contribute to the afterlife of a live performance and receive an evolutive NFT

These six original circus performances are part of the Sphere’s initial Karmic funding cycle. Click on the link below the Sphere’s Evolutive NFTs and you will directly access to an article that constitute your gateway to the funding campaign. 

At the very bottom of the page, you will also find a link to The Sphere Megavote where you can show your love for the projects by voting on your favorite ones!

Seed #1: PLI

In PLI, paper is material, subject, scenography and skin. Braided as rope, torn to scraps, floated up like a ship’s sail or crumpled down to rocky formations, it moves from one form to another, echoing the history of a material that has silently accompanied human expression throughout the ages.

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Seed #2: Andrea Salustri – Materia

In MATERIA, the properties of polystyrene take centre stage as different shapes of it are animated by wind, buckled by heat, or shattered into fragments.

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Seed #3: ROOM 100 – C8H11NO2

8H11NO2 is an intense, oppressive performance about schizophrenia and the body. Stretched between the visceral and the unreal, the artwork and the reality, past events rise to its surface and dissolve, slowly, in an air of peaceful horror.

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Seed #4: Defracto – Circuits fermés

Circuits fermés – a work for two jugglers, an electronic score, a small mat (marked with tape), and some three dozen white juggling balls.

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Seed #5: EDO Cirque – Estetica dell’orso

Welcome to the space of EDO Cirque, don’t worry about the mess. Here, the artists are working to develop a comprehensive strategy for getting away from tradition, normality, good sense, and all the usual ways of being a body.

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Seed #6: Collectif Petit Travers

Collectif Petit Travers have been on a long journey into abstraction. Now, they’ve arrived at something like an art of live composition, where music is written in space, images appear in flashes only to float apart seconds later, and rhythm itself seems to take the lead.

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