Proof of

Welcome dear friend of The Sphere.

Years have past and finally we meet on this side of things. Since you’ve found your way here you’ve most likely been approached from someone reminding you to use th QR-code on the back of that physical token of appreciation you received back in the days.

On the back of this card you find a wallet adress. A pretty long string starting and ending something like:


Under that string of letters and numbers you have a seed phrase spelled out. This is super secret. This is the way you can log in to the wallet holding your NFT-token.

This token is yours. It’s a pretty beautiful early NFT work and it symbolizes that you were a part of the beginning of a project turning performing arts production on its head. Keep it, love it, sell it or give it away. It’s our token of appreciation for you to love however you like.

We will reach out to our token holders and offer anyone holding them different ways to participate in the creation and decision making processes in the future of The Sphere.


Claiming your token:

If you don’t have a wallet already. Just download any wallet app or browser extension you like and import the wallet using the seed phrase. If you connect the wallet to for instance you’ll see your token right there.

If you’ve already got a wallet you can log out and enter the seed phrase to log into this new wallet.

If you don’t feel like the wallet with the token in it is secure enough. Just transfer your token to the wallet of your choice.

Just remember that you need your other seed phrase in order to get back into the account you’re logging out from. And logging out from a wallet like meta-mask and logging back in again can easily cause several heart attacks since it will only show one of your accounts before you start adding the rest. They’re not gone. (Imported wallets have their own private keys and seed phrases that you need to know though).