Sara de Vylder and Amy Fee from the Sphere met with Maud Cattiaux, who is the officer in Brussels that is the EU administration contact person for the Sphere, as a project.

It was informative and Maude asked several questions about the Sphere and showed curiosity, as it is an unusual EU-project and construction. The fact that the main partner is a small organization, compared to other projects, was also discussed.
We came away with several things:

  • The Agency is aware of the Covid19 impact on projects and activities, and that changes need to be made from the original application.

  • There are two criteria for changes in the project and its activities. Large ones need a lot of formal administration, smaller can be approved by the officer.

  • To check with Maude often if questions occur, better to inform too much than too little. Especially as we have to adapt to Ciovid19 continuously and quickly.

  • Our officer is the officer for several performing arts EU-projects, also some circus, and has a great interest in the field. She is happy to be invited to labbs, meetings or performances during the project.