The Initial Seed Exposition

 Here you will find six artworks made from circus performances that have been pulled apart, turned around, and reassembled as digital scores to invite new interpretations. Funders can contribute to the projects they want to see re-versioned, and in return claim Karmic tokens. Once an artwork has reached a pre-fixed threshold of funding, it will automatically set a bounty for artists to engage with it and allow them to make new versions. Another way to engage with the artworks is through the Megavote – a quadratic voting process where the public is invited to select which artwork will be granted.

This experience requires a high-speed internet connection and Firefox, Chrome or Brave. There is currently no version for Safari. We recommend a mouse and keyboard.

How to navigate

Navigation instructions: Use arrow keys to move around, the mouse to look around and esc key to exit

In the gallery, you can press “I” on the keyboard for Information about the artists, and different ways to interact with the game and participate