Cherry Tree

Play and art through the Sphere game

The play involved in art and games have many similarities, the play of rules, the generative aspects of new works against existing works and new instances of experiential clarity, flashes of insight, or lasting “go-to” experiences.

Cherry Tree

New works emerge often from previous works and change course, agenda and impact.  What gives rise to a work of art can be experienced by others and give rise to new works. And however different they might be, links to previous works can still be found. This play of futures from one work growing out of another has been somewhat of an invisible and unappreciated game.  One without audiences that cheer or witness the many possible moves of the players. Instead this particular game is often left to historians or researchers to trace the steps of the artists and the art form after the game has solidified into history.

We are making a game that plays this game, one that uses current technologies in games and crypto currencies to host a transparent structure that helps artists collaborate, co-create and build on previous works in an open and articulated way.  This game allows for artist to start works, end works, contribute to other works or just support different trajectories of thought or creation. This is done through the rules and technology of this game which tracks version fidelity from one work as impact or derivatives from one work to another and allows artists to create and co-create synchronously or asynchronously at the transactional points of these junctions.

This is a high stakes game, perhaps an old game in a new way, with 30% more moves, 52 % improvements in world breaking capabilities and you are invited. Terrified? You should be.

The SPHERE GAME workshop will happen online and




Cherry Tree