The Sphere is a research-creation project developing new ecologies of funding for the performing arts.

Our goal is to redistribute the risks and opportunities of making art. We envisage a world in which audiences co-own the artworks they love together with the artists, collectors and other stakeholders of a given project.

We believe that this model of collective ownership will allow for new types of production to grow in the near future.

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The Karmic Funding Cycle is The Sphere’s large scale exploration of how to collect live art by creating a meeting between live performances and Web 3. This is done by assembling a wide range of tools and apps created to enable new ecologies of funding for the performing arts.


Collecting live art is a bit of a paradox. How can you collect something that only exists in the moment? How can you make it live forever? Beyond following performance artists’ social media accounts, there are only a few ways in which you can actually invest in Live Art. Until now.

When you invest in The Sphere’s Digital Soul, you not only support the work of artists you love: you become part of the artwork itself. You become part of an expanding network of live art production that embeds its own capacity for sustainable self-growth. You hold space for future performances to take place. In a word: you get a piece of an emergent and groundbreaking – or rather, terraforming? – Live Art Network Derivative (LAND).